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Server Stories Part 2

I was working at a small family-owned business and one day it was extremely busy.

The tables were pushed too close together and I kept bumping into this woman’s chair. As soon as the waitress notified me, I went directly to the table and apologized.

As the birthday girl at the table accepted my apology she reached out for a hug.

When hugging her, my hair fell off of my shoulder and into her food (there were two bites left, if that). After I hugged her, I pulled my arm back and it spilled her drink all over their table.

Everything was going wrong.

I went to the manager/owner of the restaurant and apologized for messing up the table.

He was cursing at me and yelling in the middle of the restaurant. He made me pay for their food with the tips I made that night.

He also grabbed my hair and pulled on it, while cursing at me and telling me to put it up.

I immediately had an anxiety attack, and closed out my last table by saying, “I think I just lost my job”.

That night, the $180 I made in tips was confiscated by the owner due to the issue. So far I have begun the process of suing him for the financial and emotional stress caused on my family.

I share this story to let others know that it’s NEVER okay for anyone in the workplace to put their hands on you. If this ever happened to you, seek help from someone, because it is extremely illegal.

In addition, stealing tips is also illegal. Never let anyone, regardless of their social status, money or power take advantage of you in any way ever. - The server asked to remain anonymous

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